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Cloud-based software for iXBRL preparation

CIPC's recommended Software Service Provider for iXBRL.

A smarter way to file with CIPC

Cloud-based collaborative tools + You and your team + Industry-leading expertise

Transform your financial data into structured, ready-to-file iXBRL reports in the blink of an eye.


Roll forward

The ability to carry over iXBRL tags from the previous period lets users minimize – by up to ten times – the time they might otherwise spend to prepare iXBRL reports from scratch. It will also allow the Audit firms or the group companies to create multiple templates and reuse the same for their filing companies.

Data cloning

Link facts present in different places of the data within the software. Changes at one location will update the facts in all the locations in the document, adjusted to scale and decimals.

In-build validation engine

With our preventive validation mechanism, 95% of the errors will be filtered as and when you do the tagging. The iXBRL document, before generation, will go through the CIPC validation gateway and provides the list of errors, if any, before submission avoiding the possibility of rejections.

Multiple input capability

Populate data from a variety of MS Office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Our proprietary linking feature lets you associate and link data from offline Excel spreadsheets.

Powerful formatting options

Our application is tuned to retain the format as in word document. In case any changes are required, users can use various formatting options provided in our Editor.

Collaboration and co-authoring

Split the document into as many sections as you might need, enabling collaboration and co-authoring. Further grant section-specific access to users, maintaining confidentiality until the document is published for submission.

Access restriction and Audit Trail

Define privileges for each user for a better authorization management. Our comprehensive Audit Trail helps you to track any user’s activities within the software with detailed granularity.

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